About The BULA Project

The BULA Project is the charitable initiative of Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling. Our vision is to create a $12 million not-for-profit organization to fund education, health and sustainable economic development projects that bring peace, happiness and abundance to people in need, especially children, in the Fiji Islands, giving back to the country that gave Mike life.

The spirit of The BULA Project is encapsulated in the music song “We Are Fiji” that was put together by Daniel Rae Costello to celebrate Fiji’s win in the Rugby Seven’s World Cup in 1997 and 2005. Go Fiji!!

The BULA Project is dedicated to changing minds, saving lives and restoring families in the Fiji Islands living in poverty. To the lives that The BULA Project touches, it means everything to us – improving their ongoing physical, economic, and emotional health.

Through offering hope, health and caring The BULA Project :

  • helps individuals develop skills and physical resources
  • provides emotional support for family living, and
  • funds village cottage industries run by women, empowering them to find freedom for their families from the cycle of poverty and lead lives full of joy, hope, health, and dignity.

Through our work in Gosling International, and with the help of our family, friends, clients and charitable donors, the The BULA Project will provide men, women and children in need in the Fiji Islands with opportunities for living, loving support, and educational training to help them achieve their human potential and create for themselves a thriving future. In particular, we focus on people with diabetes and spinal chord injuries.

We have chosen the Fijian language word “BULA” as the name of our charitable project for the Fiji Islands as it reflects the Founders’ vision and commitment to real life.

BULA: Bringing U Life in Abundance!

“BULA” means “life”, and is also commonly used as a greeting, “hello”. The expression “Ni sa bula vinaka” is the full correct greeting, meaning “wishing you happiness and good health”. It also is used in the sense of “bless you” or the German “gesundheit” when you sneeze!

The BULA Project is in its infancy and is administered by Dr. Mike Gosling, a Fiji Islands Citizen. It is not yet a registered charity. Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling have committed 10% of their total gross income earned from business activities each year toward the goals of the project. In addition, all online income and commission earned from advertising on this website will go towards The BULA Project.

Should you wish to make a contribution to The BULA Project vision for the betterment of the people of the Fiji Islands, please go to our donations page.

We invite you to join our email list for regular updates and visit the links on this website to experience the Fiji Islands – The way the world should be!