Tekivu Tale

By | April 26, 2016
tropical cyclone winston

Navuatole village outside RakiRaki, North Eastern Fiji post-Tropical Cyclone Winston


Rebuilding Fijian Homes after the devastation of TC Winston

By Mark Wilson – RebuildFiji.org

The phrase “Tekivu Tale” in Fijian means to rebuild and that’s our goal to help rebuild and assist the beautiful people of Fiji.  The nation of Fiji has suffered catastrophic damage from Tropical Cyclone Winston and the challenge to rebuild the country will require the efforts of the global community measured in years of recovery work.

Volunteers in the eye of the storm

16 volunteers aged 18-23 from the UK, Germany and USA, and 4 leaders were living in the outer island of Koro, delivering a youth and sports programme for rural school children. They were based in the village of Tuatua.

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rebuild fiji
rebuild fiji
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